Garden furniture

Exotan, pure enjoyment in the garden

The Exotan Series from Persoon Outdoor Living provides pure enjoyment, both literally and figuratively. Distinctive features of the furniture include the natural materials used in its production and its authentic look. This is a common feature in all Exotan furniture, which ties in well with the trend of going back to the basics. Wood also provides each piece of furniture with a very durable character. Other innovations include the use of completely alternative materials.

With the simplicity in design Exotan places the emphasis on enjoyment. We have options available for dining, lounging, relaxing and cooking for couples who want to enjoy long summer evenings together or for cozy events at a long table with friends.

Custom options also available
Quality is paramount in every piece of furniture in the Exotan series and a distinctive feature of the series is the high quality materials used during production. Exotan is always right up there with the latest trends through regular product innovation. Custom solutions can also be provided and we can offer retailers some very attractive prices when buying in bulk!