Ask your garden centre for Exotan and Triniti garden furniture

Gardens are increasingly becoming an extension of the house, which includes furniture that provides you with a feeling of comfort. Good quality provides many years of gardening pleasure, which you can find in Persoon Outdoor Living garden furniture. As an importer with more than twenty years of experience we know what is available on the market. We have a keen eye for trends, we pick up quickly on new developments, not only in colour but also in styles and fabrics.

Exotan or Triniti? Choose your own style

Persoon Outdoor Living stands for furniture that provides real value for money. Through our two brands, Exotan and Triniti, we offer excellent quality at attractive prices. Our products are also remarkable through innovative use of materials. Your dealer can provide you with a good impression of the appeal of our Persoon Outdoor Living range, which also includes maintenance products.