The 10 advantages of Persoon

  1. Wide range of garden furniture for the entire middle segment, from high to low.
  2. Additional range of maintenance products for every type of material and fabric.
  3. Buy directly from the manufacturer, without any middleman. Attractive prices offered for bulk purchases and direct container deliveries.
  4. The option to provide a collection under a private label.
  5. A wide range of stock is always available, which means that you do not have to carry stock yourself.
  6. Delivery directly from our warehouse within five working days.
  7. New products and series can also be developed in consultation with customers.
  8. 100% dealer protection: Persoon Outdoor Living does not have any shops of its own and sells its products exclusively through dealers, not directly to consumers.
  9. We have our own sales advisers to assist retailers to build their own range and to assist them with presentations, promotions etc.
  10. Support in promoting own catalogues, promotions and special offers.