About Persoon

Producing with an awareness of people, the environment and society

At Persoon Outdoor Living we are very much aware of the world around us and for this reason corporate social responsibility forms a logical part of our operations, which includes raw materials and even financial support for charities in countries where production takes place.

Awareness of materials used

Wood is an important element in our garden furniture and the vast majority of our wood furniture bears the FSC certificate, which guarantees sustainable logging and planting of new trees. The certificate also further extends to social conditions in the producing countries as all links in the chain are certified. Our consumers can therefore rest assured that the wood used in their furniture was not obtained at the expense of the environment and that we produce furniture in a responsible manner.

Awareness of production

The manufacturers who collaborate with Persoon Outdoor Living ensure that they maintain good working conditions. This means that the wood suppliers receive a fair price for their produce, their workers receive acceptable wage levels and their working conditions are good. We strictly monitor for child labour, which is not tolerated.

Awareness of the world

The improvement of living conditions for children in our production countries is considered a telling factor in selecting trading partners. We have been providing financial support for an orphanage in Que Huong in Vietnam for the past five years already where more than 300 children are given the opportunity to build themselves a better future. Now that the shelter has been helped onto its own feet, we are shifting our focus to the next project: Binh Duong Orpanage, another orphanage in Vietnam. This shelter is located near Saigon, in the Bin Duong region.

We are also sponsors in our own country of various activities and associations, including youth sport funds, associations and regional activities.